Things To Do In East Nusa Tenggara

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Traveling to Indonesia is a bit challenging since nature here is so great and marvelous that you need to prepare for your health. However, even if you go to a place where you need to walk a long way down, you won’t regret it since that place will have a great view.

East Nusa Tenggara is one of the place in Indonesia that will challenge you when you decided to visit this place. Nature here is different from another place in Indonesia. The scenery is really pretty that you can’t take your eyes off of this place. We will share you our favorite activities in East Nusa Tenggara.

Essential Guide To East Nusa Tenggara

Traveling to Indonesia can’t be complete without the culinary trip. During your visit to East Nusa Tenggara, it’s better for you to visit the fish market too. You can eat seafood with the best ingredient since you will serve by freshly caught fish. There are many fish market close to the beach. Indonesia food is one of the best food that you could ask. The traditional recipe will melt your mouth instantly.

The next thing to do in East Nusa Tenggara is caving. The perfect location to go caving is Batu Cermin. This place is located in Labuan Bajo. Batu Cermin means Mirror Rock, it is a place where the rock there has a crystal that will reflect the sunlight in the morning.

After caving in Batu Cermin, you can swim with Manta. East Nusa Tenggara Sea is known as a home for manta rays. The site is totally the best site to snorkel and dive. This is called as Manta Point. There are many professional and experienced divers who love this place with its beauty.

Traveling to Indonesia should end with beautiful sunset. While you are in East Nusa Tenggara, you need to visit Pink Beach where the sand here is pink. East Nusa Tenggara offers great vacation.

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Best Value Z370 Motherboards

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The most important thing of picking best z370 motherboards is by considering its performance and features complexity. The more features it offers, the better performance it may have. However, to afford all those extra specifications, users may need to prepare an extra budget. The little extra budget you spare will definitely bring different quality while gaming.

The Best Option In Best Value Category

Previously, GIGABYTE offers gaming motherboard in 300 series for low budget. Now, it comes with more extensive features on its GIGABYTE Z370 HD3P. Compare with its predecessor, this addition “P” series has several feature improvements. The feature is claimed to offer better performance.

This series offers more excellent heatsink VRM. It now has dual bios 2xUSB gen2. The additional feature on audio improves its sound quality. You can have and enjoy better gaming experience or simply home movie display. It is the best value best z370 motherboards you have a bunch of awesome features so far. However, if you expect better-overclocking performance you think twice to purchase it.

MSI Z370 PC Pro As Alternative

MSI never fails to offer excellent overall performance. Compare to previous A Pro series, PC Pro offers solid performance with extensive features. It has Dual M.2 which can support overclocking and better display. It also offers better water cooling technology. Both series work fine for moderate gaming and office purposes.

Moreover, both also last for long-term use as long as you do not push it to maximum overclocking or tweaking. You also cannot wish for having onboard Wi-Fi and Bluetooth system unless you upgrade it on your own. Some other addition upgrade will be necessary if you expect for overclocking performance. Especially, the presence of advanced cooling system is highly necessary. In short, your ideal choice of best z370 motherboards for value lies on your own needs.

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How To Serve Delicious Fruit And Vegetables


What do you like from fruit and vegetables? They are your friends in a healthy diet. You will find fruit vegetables are so helpful to make your body so gorgeous. You will get more benefits as well from them. Without the fruit and vegetables; your body will be easily sick and weak. Your body is not as fresh as you look now. So, how you can deny them?

How To Serve The Fruit And Vegetables To Be More Delicious?

There are many kinds of fruits and vegetables. You will love to know that the taste also varies. Fruits have more fans than the vegetables, I know. However, they have the different role in people’s body. Here, I will give you the tips to make them more delicious and special on your table.

Serving foods should be prepared well. Even though you only eat them alone. The serving here is not only about the plate or the way you make them look beautiful on the plate and a cup or bowl. It is the way you cook it. So, without any further do see the serving tips of fruit vegetables as follow:

  1. You may serve them as the dessert. It will attract not only you but also your kids and friends. Make a cake made of fruits. Vegetables such as sweet potato can be the main ingredients of the flour.
  2. You may serve the vegetables and the fruits and delicious drinks. Blend them together and make a delicious juice. Add the honey or syrup.
  3. You may serve them as the soup of fruits and vegetables. Mix them with the milk or syrup to get more taste.

Click fruit vegetables for more tips and information you need. There are more good ideas to serve the fruits and vegetables together. You will love to know there are many creative people out there. That is all and have fun in serving them today.

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Support Your Productivity With This Affordable Laptop


Some people might think that looking for the best laptop under 700 dollars is almost something impossible. Yet, you cannot believe it until you try it by yourself. Then, you will find more result of the affordable laptop with the price less than 700 dollars. One of the examples is HP Pavilion T8TJG. This laptop is supported with great components or specifications as you can read in the following paragraphs.

HP Pavilion T8TJG; Best Performance For Highest Productivity

Talking about HP Pavilion T8TJG as the part of the best laptop under 700 dollars, means you have to be ready to talk about many factors. You should know about its specifications and many things that make this laptop win over many other laptops.

  • Price

This is the first thing that might come to your mind. Many people say that finding the great product is something impossible with lesser price, but this laptop is only available with less than $700. It means that the price is very affordable for you.

  • Specifications

It would be more complex when we talk about specifications of this laptop. As it is a good laptop that can support your productivity in working, it has many features and of course, it works faster. This laptop can work faster because of the RAM which is 12GB DDR4 RAM that ready to support your work.

Then, the available memory about 1TB HDD will make you available to keep many documents on your laptop. By the combination of the specifications, especially the storage, and the RAM memory, it makes you available in having better works with this laptop.

Of course, considering buying laptop will be something difficult since you have to consider many things. Hopefully, those aspects will help you to know better about HP Pavilion T8TJG. This laptop really shows you the best quality of laptop and worth to be called as the best laptop under 700 dollars.

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Best 2018 Movies So Far

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Although we are still on May, but the movie industry is getting strong since the first half of 2018. There are many great movies in the first half that you don’t want to miss. Mobdro apk is a streaming app where you can watch those best 2018 movies so far. What are those movies?

2018 Movies on Mobdro Apk

From horror, action, science fiction, and superhero movies, we will give you a list of best 2018 movies that you can watch now on Mobdro.

  1. Avengers: Infinity War

Should we start with this movie that been in talk since last month? The third Avengers installment is now ranks 4 in highest-grossing movies of all time. And this movie break the record in just 2 weeks! Mobdro apk is now have this movie available for you to stream. You may already watch this movie in cinema and you want to watch it again because of its intense plot, action, and character which makes the movie thrilling and emotional. That cliffhanger ending will haunt you until the next movie.

  1. Maze Runner: The Death Cure

The last installment form Maze Runner franchise is also one of 2018 that you need to watch. This final movie has more action, more friendship, and more sacrifice. The anti-mainstream ending will make you believe that Maze Runner: The Death Cure is one of the best dystopian, young adult movie so far.

  1. A Quite Place

This is the first time where audience are too afraid to make any sound in the studio. The experience and impression from this movie will make you quite as well from the beginning to the end. The plot is already mainstream but the concept of this movie is so great that make you hold you breathe too!

Actually, there are many great movies in 2018, but you can watch those three movies first on Mobdro apk. Download the app here

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What is Difference Between Mobdro Freemium and Premium?


If you like to stream various TV programs or movies, so you have to try this awesome app called mobdro. It is one of the streaming tools that lets you access various videos that you want to watch. Moreover, you will get unlimited access to various devices. You do not need to pay monthly or pay for each video that you watch for the Freemium version. Meanwhile, there is an additional charge in Premium videos for additional features. However, both of version still lets you access all videos freely without any additional charge.

Features on Mobdro

For the accessibility, there is no difference for both versions of Mobdro. You can still watch various videos from various channel freely. However, there are different features on each feature. What are they? Here are brief difference features on Mobdro:

  • Freemium Version

For the freemium version, the login system is not needed. You can just find, stream, and even download the favorite videos from Mobdro. Moreover, you the maintenance of user privacy is highly invisible. In that way, you do not need to worry your information will be leaked. Then, you can also just run the application easily. The categorization box is shown on the first age while the search box on the top side. Then, you are also allowed to filter the videos, movies, and channels to watch.

  • Premium Version

As its name, the Mobdro Premium version has more features on it. You can enjoy every video without any advertisements shown. Moreover, you can also access your favorite videos which have been downloaded before without any internet connection. If you installed it on Smart TV, this version has sleep timer which will not waste your device’s battery. Then, you can get unlimited access to this version and you can also even access it for Chromecast.

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Get Free Music And Album For You Here

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Music is like the way to tell your mood or boost your mood in the middle of your busy activities. If you think the free listening music application is not enough; you should download free music now. Free music will help you to get any music and keep it in your gadget. You do not need to connect to the internet anymore to listen to your favorite songs.

How To Get Free Music And Album With Easy Steps

If you love music that much but the listening music application does not allow you to listen to several kinds of music; you should get it by yourself. Some application will use your money to only listen to one or several kinds of music. They call it as VIP or premium. Ok, if you want it; it is not a big deal.

However, if you are fed up with paying the application; you need to download free music now. You will keep it forever and listen to it over and over again every day and every single time you want to. You do not need to pay it again every month. So, here are the steps to get free music:

  1. You should visit the website page first. I will give you the link later.
  2. Then, in the home of the website page, you will see the empty searching box. Type the title of the song, the artist or album title there.
  3. Afterward, you will see the list of the songs. Click one of the song or album and click the download button.
  4. You will see the options of quality based on color. Choose the yellow one and click download.
  5. You may play the song first if you want.

Thus, that is all the steps you need to download the song or album. is the link you need to visit the website page. Well, enjoy the songs and album after downloading them!

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Play Free Games Without Quota


Indeed, there are many ways we can do to get a service let alone play online games for free. Whether through WIFI, free internet quota tricks, and so forth. This method is also much sought after by many people their article is often difficult when going to play online games. Because the quota they have to spend also quite a lot.

How to get a free game without having to spend a quota to play is the most appropriate way to play the game with ease. Even the 60 seconds free game service is still often issued a lot of quotas to play as well as download the exciting games that are in it.

Free Tricks Quota to Play Online Games

Some of the ways you can do to get a totally free 60 seconds free game without spending a quota are:

  1. Application.

There are many applications that can be used to get an online game service for free.

  1. Airplane mode.

If you decide to play for free, then try to play it in airplane mode. Of course, this applies if the game is a special game smartphone.

  1. WIFI.

As already explained above that a number of games can indeed be played for free when using WIFI.

Game Provider Site 60 Seconds Free

There is one site that is ready to provide 60 seconds free games to play. You can find the right recommendations either through Google or through a number of recommendations of many people. So that’s the way it can be done to get a free game service that really will not have wasted quota.

What are you waiting for? Let’s play some of your favorite games right now! Do not forget to use the free 60 second trial game service to see what game reviews are interesting and fun to play. Playing games can indeed have a satisfying effect on their lovers or gamers, plus if they can get the right kind of games like free games provided in a number of free 60 seconds games.

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Reveal Behind The Vexatious Door In Hello Neighbor

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Hello, neighbor alpha 2 free download is a very terrifying yet challenging game that has attracted gamers’ curiosity. Your aim of playing this game is to get an access to your neighbor’s creepy house. Then, you should find a way to open vexatious door which is tightly locked. The door is located in the living room which is locked by crossing board and pinned.

Collecting The Important Items

You will recognize that the door in your neighbor’s living room has two defense mechanisms. They include a wooden plank and also a key card. To successfully open the door, you should find some items. You should find five total items.

Two items out of five will be the tool that you need to unlock the door. All those items will be placed all around the house. Therefore, you will have to grab the item as soon as possible while distracting your neighbor.

The items that you need to collect in hello neighbor alpha 2 free download are a crowbar, wrench, and lock pick. The ultimate item and the most difficult to retrieve is the key and the keycard. If you are able to find those items without being noticed, your probability to win is higher.

Accomplishing The Mission

You have several options to get into the house. You can access the house through the front door, side way or backyard window. Once the game starts you will find out that the front door is locked. You should find a strategy to make your neighbor remove the plank. Then, you can move on and find the items inside.

If you have gathered all the items that have been mentioned before, you can go to the basement. Once you have successfully done, you have accomplished the mission. Now, get hello neighbor alpha 2 free download right away and experience the thrilling game.

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Healthiness Is Something Priceless


Who doesn’t agree if it is said that healthiness is the most expensive things and priceless? If we are healthy, we can do anything we want, eat anything we want, we can have fun and do our job without any problem at all. If we get sick, everything feels so hard. A simple thing will hard to do, we cannot enjoy something fun. That’s why, we must always be grateful for everything we have, so we can get the real happiness.

Health problem is not only caused by the factor from the outside, like the lack of your quality in organizing your healthy life, lack of sleep, overworks, and so on. We can handle all of that problem as long as we live our lives in a positive way. Everything will be alright if we keep our mind in a positive way. Always have positive thinking.

Strengthen Yourself From Inside And Outside

Physical illness may be hard to be avoided, moreover, if we see the current condition, where they are solutions everywhere and unavoidable. Our daily activities are always dealt with pollution. One way to make yourself keep safe from the pollution is to consume the food which rich in antioxidants. You also need to wear a mask when on the ride, however, it will not keep you safe from the pollutions if your body is in peak condition.

For all those stuff, the most important thing is how you able to keep your soul on fire on facing any kind of situations. The illness that comes can be resolved as long as you can assure yourself that you will be okay, and you can through a hard time quickly.

Any illness will be so difficult to deal with if you feel the sickness in your body. You don’t have to be too focused on your illness that you get. Make yourself busy with another fun thing and try to think about how you can heal yourself. Keep your mind positive.

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