2 Types Of Ductwork You Have To Know

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Do you want to install the ductwork? Have you decided which kind of ducts that will be used? If you still have no idea about it, so you can try to get more explanation about it here. Typically, you can find two kinds of the duct. For each kind also has a different type which can be chosen. You can choose the best one to get better and fresh air in your home. Rigid ductwork and flexible ductwork are two kinds of ducts which are usually used.

The Rigid Ductwork And Its Type

The ductwork which is easy to find is the rigid type. It comes in various sizes and materials which can be chosen base one your home space. This kind of duct is more reliable, enduring, and harder. Here are some types of rigid duct:

  • Fiberboard

This kind of ducts is made from fiberglass and resin which will be covered sheet of foil laminate in function as protection.


  • Sheet metal

For you who like to watch action film might ever see this kind of duct. The sheet metal ducts are of aluminum or steel materials. These two kinds of materials are perfect to prevent the molds.


  • Fiberglass

The fiberglass duct is actually a sheet metal duct which has fiberglass lining for its external and internal part. However, it is the hardest material to clean so you have to take more effort on it.

The Flexible Ductwork And Its Advantage

There is also flexible ductwork which is the best choice for the tricky place. It is kind of tube-shaped which is made from wire coil and covered by durable and bendable plastic but still surrounded by the insulation.

Actually, both of them is the best one so you can choose based on your need. If you need more information, http://ductwork11.com is the best place to get more information related to ducts.