Be Careful of Sitting for a Long Time


Sitting too long is often associated with a younger death even for people who get a lot of physical activity. And according to a new study, this can increase the risk of cancer in women. A study conducted by researchers from the United States found that women who spent 6 hours or more used to sitting each day had a 10 percent greater risk of getting cancer than women who spent 3 hours or more to sit per day. Then, how is it proven scientifically?

Female is More Vulnerable

Longer sitting time is usually caused higher risk of cancer appearance in most women, and specifically in multiple myeloma (cancer of plasma cells) as well as ovarian and breast cancers. However, this is not related to the risk of cancer in men. The women who took part in the analysis were on average 15.8 years old and for men on average 13.2 years. The researchers compared how many hours were spent by participants to sit at risk for cancer, noting that no participants had cancer at the time of the study. In the study between 1992 and 2009, there were 12.236 female participants and 18,555 male participants who were diagnosed with cancer.

In women, sitting for 6hours or more at leisure has the risk of 65 percent or even greater risk of multiple myeloma, 43 percent for ovarian cancer, 10 percent for invasive breast cancer, and 10 percent for other cancers altogether, compared to women who sit less from 3 hours per day. This increased risk remained the same even after some researchers have adjusted the amount of physical activity, BMI (Body Mass Index), age, and other factors. The same pattern does not apply to men. In the study, spare time spent sitting up increases the risk of cancer only for obese or obese men.