Best 2018 Movies So Far

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Although we are still on May, but the movie industry is getting strong since the first half of 2018. There are many great movies in the first half that you don’t want to miss. Mobdro apk is a streaming app where you can watch those best 2018 movies so far. What are those movies?

2018 Movies on Mobdro Apk

From horror, action, science fiction, and superhero movies, we will give you a list of best 2018 movies that you can watch now on Mobdro.

  1. Avengers: Infinity War

Should we start with this movie that been in talk since last month? The third Avengers installment is now ranks 4 in highest-grossing movies of all time. And this movie break the record in just 2 weeks! Mobdro apk is now have this movie available for you to stream. You may already watch this movie in cinema and you want to watch it again because of its intense plot, action, and character which makes the movie thrilling and emotional. That cliffhanger ending will haunt you until the next movie.

  1. Maze Runner: The Death Cure

The last installment form Maze Runner franchise is also one of 2018 that you need to watch. This final movie has more action, more friendship, and more sacrifice. The anti-mainstream ending will make you believe that Maze Runner: The Death Cure is one of the best dystopian, young adult movie so far.

  1. A Quite Place

This is the first time where audience are too afraid to make any sound in the studio. The experience and impression from this movie will make you quite as well from the beginning to the end. The plot is already mainstream but the concept of this movie is so great that make you hold you breathe too!

Actually, there are many great movies in 2018, but you can watch those three movies first on Mobdro apk. Download the app here