Boosting Your Laptop’s Performance

Living Good

Using a laptop especially as your gaming platform usually there will be some obstacles to slow down the performance. You have to know which the best gaming laptop under 1500 you will choose. Actually, the specification of the laptop has an important role for your coziness playing a game. But, in some cases, if you play the game over time, certainly will slowly damage your laptop.

Pay attention to how to treat your laptop. It is a way better if you do some treatments to keep your laptop safe. But, in some cases, if your laptop has been through the hard times by your non-stop playing game habit, it is better for you to follow some tips below to increase your laptop’s performances like a brand new again.

Become as Strong as It Was

These are the tips to recover your best gaming laptop under 1500 to be strong again;

  1. Get a New Graphic Card

Generally, there are 3 most used GPU, Intel Graphic, Nvidia GeForce, and AMD Radeon. You can check on your driver and get a new version of your graphic. The easiest way to get the new driver is by visiting its official website and download it. Boosting your graphic can be the key to increase your laptop’s gaming performance.

  1. Software Optimization

Even you don’t open any program on your laptop, there are some running programs in the background. Without your permission, usually, there will be several programs automatically running in the background process. To boost your laptop’s performance, disable the rarely used program to get more space of RAM and processor. If it is not urgent, don’t end the anti-virus of yours, because the safety of your software is important.

  1. High-performance Power Plan

You can set your laptop to become a high-performance to get a better quality when you are gaming. Choose the battery option on your best gaming laptop under 1500, and find the option high-performance, and click it. And Taa-Daa! Your laptop becomes stronger.