Calories We Get From One Banana


Banana is one of famous fruit in this world. One thing making it famous is because of the good taste. People eat this food a lot since it also contains good calories for the body. One belief, when we eat a banana it can help us feel full longer. That is why people questions actually how many calories in one banana?

Why Do We Need To Eat Banana?

There are various things we may know before we eat a banana. It is about how beneficial is this food for our body since fresh fruits and vegetables are a requirement for a healthy body.

In an average size of a banana, it contains around 105 calories. However, the bigger you eat the banana, the calories will be different too. 93 percent of banana calories come from carbs, 4 percent from protein, and 3 percent from fat. It is not absolute, the ripen banana contains more carbs rather than those that are still unripe. That is why, if you can eat an unripe banana, it will be better. It is also because unripe banana contains less sugar.

To explain what we discuss above calories in one banana mainly for the unripe one, actually, an unripe banana offers a good amount of resistant starch. This starch is good because it gives good bacteria to your body which escapes right after you eat it. This unripe banana actually also contains less sugar, fat, and carb.

So, if you want to eat banana but you think that you need fewer calories in it, eating some slices of small green or unripe banana will be good to you. But if you think that you need extra calories, you may eat the one which ripens. The ripen the banana you eat; the more calories it has. Meanwhile, the bigger banana you eat, it also gives more calories. so, there is no absolute answer on calories in one banana. It all depends on your need.