How To Serve Delicious Fruit And Vegetables


What do you like from fruit and vegetables? They are your friends in a healthy diet. You will find fruit vegetables are so helpful to make your body so gorgeous. You will get more benefits as well from them. Without the fruit and vegetables; your body will be easily sick and weak. Your body is not as fresh as you look now. So, how you can deny them?

How To Serve The Fruit And Vegetables To Be More Delicious?

There are many kinds of fruits and vegetables. You will love to know that the taste also varies. Fruits have more fans than the vegetables, I know. However, they have the different role in people’s body. Here, I will give you the tips to make them more delicious and special on your table.

Serving foods should be prepared well. Even though you only eat them alone. The serving here is not only about the plate or the way you make them look beautiful on the plate and a cup or bowl. It is the way you cook it. So, without any further do see the serving tips of fruit vegetables as follow:

  1. You may serve them as the dessert. It will attract not only you but also your kids and friends. Make a cake made of fruits. Vegetables such as sweet potato can be the main ingredients of the flour.
  2. You may serve the vegetables and the fruits and delicious drinks. Blend them together and make a delicious juice. Add the honey or syrup.
  3. You may serve them as the soup of fruits and vegetables. Mix them with the milk or syrup to get more taste.

Click fruit vegetables for more tips and information you need. There are more good ideas to serve the fruits and vegetables together. You will love to know there are many creative people out there. That is all and have fun in serving them today.

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Healthiness Is Something Priceless


Who doesn’t agree if it is said that healthiness is the most expensive things and priceless? If we are healthy, we can do anything we want, eat anything we want, we can have fun and do our job without any problem at all. If we get sick, everything feels so hard. A simple thing will hard to do, we cannot enjoy something fun. That’s why, we must always be grateful for everything we have, so we can get the real happiness.

Health problem is not only caused by the factor from the outside, like the lack of your quality in organizing your healthy life, lack of sleep, overworks, and so on. We can handle all of that problem as long as we live our lives in a positive way. Everything will be alright if we keep our mind in a positive way. Always have positive thinking.

Strengthen Yourself From Inside And Outside

Physical illness may be hard to be avoided, moreover, if we see the current condition, where they are solutions everywhere and unavoidable. Our daily activities are always dealt with pollution. One way to make yourself keep safe from the pollution is to consume the food which rich in antioxidants. You also need to wear a mask when on the ride, however, it will not keep you safe from the pollutions if your body is in peak condition.

For all those stuff, the most important thing is how you able to keep your soul on fire on facing any kind of situations. The illness that comes can be resolved as long as you can assure yourself that you will be okay, and you can through a hard time quickly.

Any illness will be so difficult to deal with if you feel the sickness in your body. You don’t have to be too focused on your illness that you get. Make yourself busy with another fun thing and try to think about how you can heal yourself. Keep your mind positive.

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First Aid Help For Scars


Have you ever experienced being panic because of any scars? Of course, it is a normal thing when we might do not know what to do when we or people around us, suddenly get any scars. When people get scars, whether it is bleeding or burnt or something else, we have to know the best thing to do as the first aid help that we have to do. Here is the list of some treatment for any scars.

Tips To Take Care Of Scars

As already stated before, different scars will have different treatment. Then, it will be something important for you to pay attention to every step that you have to take in order to give first aid of your scars.

  1. Bleeding

When you get bleeding, the first thing to do is to clean the scars with water. It would be good to wash it under the flowing water. Then, after you make sure that the scar is clean, you can put the medicine like iodine to the scars. Then, you can cover the scars with any medical thing that you have.

  1. Burnt

When you get burnt, the only thing that you can do is to apply any special ointment on it. Yet, not all of you might have ointment for burnt, so you can replace it with toothpaste that you use. That sounds funny but you have to trust that tips and try to follow.

Except for those two types of scars, you might also get the problem with any other type of scars. To make you easier in giving the first aid help, it would be good if you prepare some basic medicine or ointment in your first aid box. Yes, you have to prepare any first aid box in your house to avoid some bad things that might happen. So, be ready with complete first aid box.

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Calories We Get From One Banana


Banana is one of famous fruit in this world. One thing making it famous is because of the good taste. People eat this food a lot since it also contains good calories for the body. One belief, when we eat a banana it can help us feel full longer. That is why people questions actually how many calories in one banana?

Why Do We Need To Eat Banana?

There are various things we may know before we eat a banana. It is about how beneficial is this food for our body since fresh fruits and vegetables are a requirement for a healthy body.

In an average size of a banana, it contains around 105 calories. However, the bigger you eat the banana, the calories will be different too. 93 percent of banana calories come from carbs, 4 percent from protein, and 3 percent from fat. It is not absolute, the ripen banana contains more carbs rather than those that are still unripe. That is why, if you can eat an unripe banana, it will be better. It is also because unripe banana contains less sugar.

To explain what we discuss above calories in one banana mainly for the unripe one, actually, an unripe banana offers a good amount of resistant starch. This starch is good because it gives good bacteria to your body which escapes right after you eat it. This unripe banana actually also contains less sugar, fat, and carb.

So, if you want to eat banana but you think that you need fewer calories in it, eating some slices of small green or unripe banana will be good to you. But if you think that you need extra calories, you may eat the one which ripens. The ripen the banana you eat; the more calories it has. Meanwhile, the bigger banana you eat, it also gives more calories. so, there is no absolute answer on calories in one banana. It all depends on your need.

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Facts And Benefit Of Oatmeal For Healthy Body


Oatmeal is a kind of porridge that is made of oats. A bowl of oatmeal for breakfast can keep you full for quite long time compare to eating other high carb food. It contains lots of important nutrition which is good for the body. Besides fiber, it contains vitamin B complex, protein, and minerals. If you are still eating full breakfast menu, you need to change it with oatmeal.

The Advantages Of Eating Oats For Breakfast

There are several benefits that you will get from consuming oatmeal for daily basis. The first benefit is that it can maintain weight. Oatmeal contains high fiber which is easily processed yet last long. Therefore, eating oatmeal can make you stay full. You won’t need to eat a snack too much because it avoids you from hunger.

Secondly, oatmeal can reduce cholesterol. A bowl of oatmeal serves you enough nutrition to prevent absorption of bad cholesterol in the intestine. Consuming about one and a half cup of oatmeal every day can reduce the level of LDL or bad cholesterol. Consequently, you have less possibility of suffering from any heart disease.

Last but not least, consuming oatmeal regularly can serve you as a natural remedy for digestion problem. It can heal digestion issues such as irritable bowel syndrome and constipation. It will prevent you from intestinal cancer. It proves that oatmeal can make you stay healthy and prevent you from many diseases.

Why Do People Not Like Eating Oatmeal?

Despite its rich benefit, many people dislike oatmeal. Although it can make body healthy and help to stabilize organs, people tend to avoid it for breakfast menu. It is because oatmeal has a plain and distinct smell. However, you can make oatmeal taste better by adding slices of fruits. Apple, berries, and banana are popular as an oatmeal topping. It can also add more fiber to your body.

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Healthy Alternative To Fulfill Your Craving For Salt


Sodium or salt is one of seasoning that must be available in the kitchen. It works really well to add flavor to your cooking. Unconsciously, people, these days consume more and more salt. When you are on diet, you will be craving for something salty. However, certain diet requires you to suppress the consumption of sodium. So, is it possible to change salt with something that contains natural or less sodium?

Hidden Salt That You Don’t Know

Why is it so important to reduce the consumption of sodium? It’s because most of the food that people consume daily has already contained salt. Bread, nut butter and cereal in your breakfast menu secretly contain sodium. Canned food is also loaded with sodium. The sodium functions to make the food last longer. Therefore, if possible, you should avoid eating those products regularly. Otherwise, you may suffer from hypertension and cholesterol.

Salt Alternative To Give Savory Flavor

You can replace the salt with another seasoning. You must remember that you should only add them the inadequate amount.

  1. Chili

The spicy flavor of chili can replace the salty taste of sodium. Eating spicy food can avoid you from craving of savory food.


  1. Margarine

If you do not really like spicy food you may use margarine to add a salty flavor to your cooking. You can use this plant-based oil to sauté vegetable. It will make your cooking light savory taste.

  1. Fish Sauce

This kind of sauce is already fermented with sodium. You just need few drops of fish sauce into your dish to add flavor. Otherwise, you can add small dried shrimp to make your dish taste better without salt.


  1. Oyster Sauce

Lastly, you can add a bit of oyster sauce to add a salty taste. Similar to fish sauce, the process of making oyster sauce also uses sodium to strengthen the taste.

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Eating Raw Food To Stay In Great Shape


Many people believe that eating raw food is better and healthier for the body. Even some popular celebrities such Megan Fox and Gwyneth Paltrow are doing this lifestyle. Obviously, it works well for them because they look slim and healthy. The raw diet practitioners believe that it is not a diet program but more like a healthy lifestyle. Eating raw food is a method of eating whole natural food.

Kinds Of Raw Food Diet

The definition of raw means the food that you consume should be unprocessed. Food which is preserved, canned, undergone long processed and heated more than 48 degrees Celsius is not considered as raw. Eating food that has been processed with that level of heat will only leave us no nutrition. It’s because the heat destroys the important substance in the food. There are some terms commonly known in a raw diet.

  1. Raw Vegetarian

They are people who eat mostly vegetable and don’t eat meat. However, this group of people still consumes dairy products such as egg, milk, cheese, and yogurt.


  1. Raw Vegan

This group does not eat any animal product by any means. They only eat vegetables and fruits. Their protein and fat supply come from a plant such as a soya and avocado.


  1. Raw Omnivores

This is a group of people who consume both vegetables and animal products. They do eat meat, especially which can be eaten raw such as fish.


  1. Raw Carnivore

Those who are raw carnivore mean they are eating meat but unprocessed. This is quite rare in society.

Pros And Cons About Eating Raw Food

Regarding this unique lifestyle, some people argue whether it is good for the body. In fact, there is some food that needs to be cooked for while in order to provide maximum nutrition. The thing that needs to be highlighted is that you can cook your food but don’t overheat it.

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Things That Help You To Get Enough Protein


For people who are on diet to lose their weight, protein is very helpful for them. Besides that, protein still has many important functions in our body. It has something related to our hair and nails’ health. Protein also can help our body to repair and also build the tissue. Protein also works to build hormones, enzymes and other chemicals in our body. Therefore, protein is very important for us and our body.

How To Get Enough Support Of Protein?

As the importance of our body, we need enough supply of protein. Of course, you can gather it from many foods. The following foods can help us to get enough protein to eat.

  1. Nuts

Many types of nuts will provide our body enough amount of protein. It would be better to take deeper understanding about the best nuts for our consumption.

  1. Vegetables

Some of you, who hate vegetables before, change your mind and start to eat those vegetables! You have to know that vegetable will be good for you on your healthy diet. You can still feel full without needed to eat too many calories for our body.

  1. Fish

We all know that fish is popular with very beneficial protein in it. When you want to get a big amount of protein, eating fish will be the right option for you. Not only about protein, fish has many other benefits for our body too.

  1. Beans

You also can choose this food as the part of your way in getting enough protein. There are several kinds of beans which are good for your body.

As getting enough protein is important for you, you can choose any menu that you like from the list above. Do not forget to pay attention to the supply of the other components of your body too. Eat healthy foods and be healthy!

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Getting Rid Your Acne with This New Way


How many ways have you been trying to get rid your acne? For people with acne prone skin will be so hard to get rid acne. Then, do you know that best birth control for acne is real? So, this is the new way to control your acne as well not only control the birth. By the way, how does it work? I will tell you the information and tips choosing the birth control here. See it below.

The Tips and How the Birth Control Can Control Your Acne

It sounds weird at first when you heard the birth control can get rid the acne, right? I think all people cannot expect it at first. However, it is true. What is the reason? It is because by using the birth control; you can control the hormone. So, the acne based on hormone will be reduced as well.

You get the point, right? Then, about the best birth control for acne is should be the combination of estrogen and progestin. Do you want to know the example of them? You may see it in the following list:

  1. Ortho try cyclen or norgestimate. It has the best and effective birth control for acne. It has the combination of progestin and estrogen.
  2. It is also one of the best birth control or contraception for acne. There is a combination of estrogen and progestin as well in it.
  3. It is also the combination of progestin and estrogen.

So, which birth control you will try from the example above? If you already use one of birth control but not one of them; you do not need to try the new one. Well, maybe you can ask your doctor if the birth control did not work for your acne.

Then, you can get more information about it here: It is the good link to get more about acne and birth control to get rid the acne. Thus, that is all.

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Quit Your Bad Habits With Simple Moves


You can quit many things but it is so hard to quit bad habits. Bad habits here can be anything but I will tell you the tips to quit bad habits related to health. You know, it can be foods choice, the wrong sleeping time, physical activities and so on. Well, here you are to know how to quit bad habits in simple moves. Let see if it works for you.

How To Quit Bad Habits Related To Health In Simple Moves

I know it is hard. However, you need to work hard in quitting your own bad habits. If you are serious want to quit, you can do it. The moves here are simple. You can succeed in quitting the bad habits with the help of time and yourself. See the tips below:

  1. You should do it slowly. You can change your bad habit starting tomorrow with the simple moves. Such as you replace your too much eating junk foods with the normal amount. Replace the rest with the healthy foods.
  2. Then, you can try it every day without bored and tried to do it. Do it slowly and do not force yourself.
  3. Then, if you do it over and over; your body will get used to it and you will get your healthy life again soon.

So, is it simple? Yeah, it is. You just need to move and do what you should do. If you do nothing; you will get nothing too. Start to change yourself to be better. I know you can do it.

By the way, do you have friends or relatives that have the bad habits related to health? You should show them how to stop and get the better life now before it is too late and make their body not healthy anymore. Thus, that is all.

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