Support Your Productivity With This Affordable Laptop


Some people might think that looking for the best laptop under 700 dollars is almost something impossible. Yet, you cannot believe it until you try it by yourself. Then, you will find more result of the affordable laptop with the price less than 700 dollars. One of the examples is HP Pavilion T8TJG. This laptop is supported with great components or specifications as you can read in the following paragraphs.

HP Pavilion T8TJG; Best Performance For Highest Productivity

Talking about HP Pavilion T8TJG as the part of the best laptop under 700 dollars, means you have to be ready to talk about many factors. You should know about its specifications and many things that make this laptop win over many other laptops.

  • Price

This is the first thing that might come to your mind. Many people say that finding the great product is something impossible with lesser price, but this laptop is only available with less than $700. It means that the price is very affordable for you.

  • Specifications

It would be more complex when we talk about specifications of this laptop. As it is a good laptop that can support your productivity in working, it has many features and of course, it works faster. This laptop can work faster because of the RAM which is 12GB DDR4 RAM that ready to support your work.

Then, the available memory about 1TB HDD will make you available to keep many documents on your laptop. By the combination of the specifications, especially the storage, and the RAM memory, it makes you available in having better works with this laptop.

Of course, considering buying laptop will be something difficult since you have to consider many things. Hopefully, those aspects will help you to know better about HP Pavilion T8TJG. This laptop really shows you the best quality of laptop and worth to be called as the best laptop under 700 dollars.

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What is Difference Between Mobdro Freemium and Premium?


If you like to stream various TV programs or movies, so you have to try this awesome app called mobdro. It is one of the streaming tools that lets you access various videos that you want to watch. Moreover, you will get unlimited access to various devices. You do not need to pay monthly or pay for each video that you watch for the Freemium version. Meanwhile, there is an additional charge in Premium videos for additional features. However, both of version still lets you access all videos freely without any additional charge.

Features on Mobdro

For the accessibility, there is no difference for both versions of Mobdro. You can still watch various videos from various channel freely. However, there are different features on each feature. What are they? Here are brief difference features on Mobdro:

  • Freemium Version

For the freemium version, the login system is not needed. You can just find, stream, and even download the favorite videos from Mobdro. Moreover, you the maintenance of user privacy is highly invisible. In that way, you do not need to worry your information will be leaked. Then, you can also just run the application easily. The categorization box is shown on the first age while the search box on the top side. Then, you are also allowed to filter the videos, movies, and channels to watch.

  • Premium Version

As its name, the Mobdro Premium version has more features on it. You can enjoy every video without any advertisements shown. Moreover, you can also access your favorite videos which have been downloaded before without any internet connection. If you installed it on Smart TV, this version has sleep timer which will not waste your device’s battery. Then, you can get unlimited access to this version and you can also even access it for Chromecast.

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Hidden Benefits Reading A Comic


Now, accessing Marvel or DC comics are very easy. We don’t have to go to a bookstore to find those comics, we can read Marvel DC comics free on the internet. Use a PC or laptop can be fun, but if you have no chance to use PC or bring a laptop, you can read comics from your gadget. There are so many websites serve a facility to read comics without buying it from bookstores.

Sometimes if our parents saw us reading Marvel or DC comics, they will get angry for a reason that we are not studying. Whereas, there are several benefits that we can take from reading comics, especially Marvel or DC comics. Therefore, for you who are a parent, don’t be easily get mad at your children if they read a comic because comics have several benefits.

Then, What Are The Benefits Of Reading Comics?

  1. Filling Spare Time

Obviously reading a Marvel or DC comic will fulfill our spare time. For example, when you are on a long trip using a train, you can read comics, so you would not be bored on your journey. To be simpler, read Marvel DC comics free from the internet.

  1. Increasing Imagination and Creativity

When our brain catches some interesting pictures with good stories, we can also imagine trough the character we read from a comic and without your awareness, it probably teaches you to draw using your imagination. It also helps you to explore by guessing another possibility for the next episode of the comic.

  1. Cheap Entertainment

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to refresh your brain. Let any other people get their mood by traveling to a beauty place or shopping in a mall. All you have to do are just stay in your bedroom with a coffee or snack next to you and read Marvel DC comics free on the internet. This is a very cheap entertainment.

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Visit Thailand And Do Not Skip These Places


Are you going to visit Thailand as soon as possible? You should know the amazing place to visit in Thailand first, then. It will help you to get the best places and get the best moment with your beloved people. Besides, you will get the best pictures as well! So, are you ready with your notes in your hand? Let us see the information in the next paragraphs.

The Must Visit Places In Thailand For You Here!

Do not forget to bring your camera and sunscreen. You will get more sunlight and tan skin here. The scenery is so amazing you cannot even imagine. Ok, for several people maybe it is just too ordinary especially for people who live there. However, it is not for busy people who love nature so much.

So, do not ever skip these places in Thailand if you are going to this country. Ok, here is the amazing place to visit in Thailand you should know:

  1. Phuket Island

Have you ever visit this island in Thailand? This island is so popular because it has the Tosca blue sea for people who love beaches and sea! If you do not believe me; you could see the pictures of it by yourself.

  1. Railway beach

This beach is like a paradise. You will not only get the blue sea and the white sand but also the small beautiful island. Are you excited? Ok, me too.

  1. Koh Phi Phi Island

This island does not only serve the beautiful scenery but also the monkey! What? Yeah, you will find a group of money on this island.

Well, there are more places such as the palace and temple in this country. However, if you love the nature; you should not skip the places above. Ok, if you need more information about the places above along with the pictures, you can visit this link: amazing place to visit in Thailand. Thus, that is all and have more fun!

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What Should You Know About Depression Feeling?


Do you know about the crippling depression meaning? Well, before we talk further about it, let’s discuss first the depression. Depression is a feeling which caused by many triggers and gives the bad impact on the person itself. If someone feels so depressed for a long time, it will lead to the suicide. It is so scary, isn’t it? Unfortunately, there has no legal state from the university or something like that about the depression.

Crippling Depression Is One Of Depression Feelings

The symptoms and effects of depression itself are much likely same as the other psychological or mental illness or anxiety disorder. Hence, there is no clear statement to prove that you have the depression or not.

Even though there is no clear statement about it, thanks to the others who aware of the depression disorder which can figure out the symptoms or effects of it. One of the clinical depressions is crippling depression. The crippling depression meaning itself is a major depression which caused the death of a loved one, or a medical condition.

If you think that you have something wrong with your feelings, you need to figure out whether you are suffering depression or not. You can see on the internet about the symptoms and effects of the crippling depression as well. It will lead you to decide whether your mind is ill or not. It is called as the self-diagnosed. You just need to diagnose yourself and divine whether you have healthy mental or not.

The one who knows most about what you feel is only you, so just try to figure out about what is wrong with you. By knowing the crippling depression meaning, symptoms, and effects to the patient, it will help you to decide whether your mind is in good condition or not.

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How To Store Black Leather Jackets


If you have black leather jackets, it is important to know how to store them. If you have a good leather jacket (it should be good, actually), it means that you already spend a lot of your money to buy that. The leather jacket is quite pricey because the material is good. You can wear your leather jacket until you are old. But only if you store them properly. The leather material will decrease its quality if you don’t store it well.

Tips To Store Black Leather Jackets

If you love your black leather jackets, make sure to follow these tips below on how to storing them. Check them out!

  1. Avoid your leather jacket from heat and sunlight. If you store your leather in a place that gets direct sunlight, the black color of your jacket will be faded. If this happens too often, it will cause discoloration. As for the heat, it can cause cracking and excessive dryness to your leather jacket. You need to store them in a closet with cool air. Don’t store them near heat sources.
  2. Use a padded hanger to hang them. Choose a padded, wide hanger to minimize the stretch and wrinkles, this type of hanger is the best one for your leather jacket. It is forbidden to use clothes pegs. This item will stretch the leather even in the small area.
  3. Stay away from your jacket from pesticides. Fun fact is that this material can absorb insecticides. If this happens, it would be difficult to remove the smell from your leather jacket. The toxin will be impossible to remove.
  4. Dry clean is a must before you store them in a closet. This method will remove any odors and pests. This will protect your leather jacket from pests but make sure that your storage is clean too.

Storing your black leather jackets is easy, right? We hope you follow our tips properly to protect your precious items.

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The Best Home Decoration Solution For Dark Room


Having dark room is a disaster one at the first. Moreover, it is kind of little bit difficult when you want to match with any home decorating ideas. You will never found comfortable when you are staying longer in that dark room. That is why you need to get some trick to lighten the room up. You can try to find the best wallpaper, lighting, and furniture that will help to reduce the darkness in that room.

3 Ways To Lighten Up Your Dark Room

If you want to decorate your darkroom as home decorating ideas, so you can try to find the ideas based on these considerations:

  • Apply White Color

The white color is the most recommended one for the small or dark room. This neutral color will make an illusion that certain space will be bigger and lighter. In that way, you need to reduce small details on the wallpaper. Rather than using patterned wallpaper which will make it looks stuffier, it is better to just paint the wall or get the plain wallpaper.


  • Add More Lights

Darkroom needs more lights. You have to make sure that you place brighter lights in that room. Moreover, you have to check the lights regularly to make your room keep lighten. On the other hand, you can also add some different type of lights as long as it is still necessary.


  • Combine with Cool Blue

You can also combine white with cool blue. These colors will boost the lights as well.

Besides those three ways, there are also some things that must be concerned for your dark room. You can find the best home decorating ideas which have a lighter concept. In that way, your darkroom can lighten up as well. One thing that you have to make sure to a dark room is the ventilation and lighting.

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Professional Prambanan And Borobudur Tour


There are so many places on earth that are so beautiful. There are so many building such as temple that is so gorgeous and full of nice history too. Prambanan and Borobudur are one of them. So, here I will share the best and professional Prambanan Borobudur tour only for you. If you are not Indonesian, you will get the best tour agency here.

Get The Best Professional Prambanan And Borobudur Tour Here!

There is so many tour agencies in Indonesia because the country has so many beautiful natural places or even the culture and history places. You should visit them all with the right tour agency. Therefore, you will get the best experiences and have more fun!

So, how to get the best professional Prambanan Borobudur tour? I will not give you the characteristics but I will tell you the link to the website page of the tour agency itself. The most important thing is they have more than one package to choose. You also can use their service for only a day or more than a day.

If you want to visit more than one place such as Yogyakarta, Bali, and Bromo; for example, you can get the package of four days or five days’ trip. It will be more fun because you just need to have fun and enjoy the view without even thinking about the hotel accommodation or breakfast. You even get the local guide as well.

So, are you ready to get your best days in Indonesia and see the beautiful temple in the world? You know Borobudur is the biggest temple, right? Come and see it by yourself. Visit the website page of the best tour agency here: Prambanan Borobudur Tour. Thus, that is all the information for you. Hope you will enjoy your trip and get the best experiences and pictures to share!

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Things To Note About Betta Fish Treatment


If you want to make your house merrier and more comfortable, there is no doubt that you can get them from a good aquarium with the beautiful creature in it. In this case, the betta fish is somehow the best fish you can consider. The reason is about how the fish is unique and also pretty with vibrant color. They will make a good home decoration for your need. In this case, you will also ask about how long do betta fish live? It will be a crucial question as you will get them as your companion at home. Choosing a fish will be good, but treating them right will be important.

What To Know About Betta Fish?

When it comes to you to get along with the betta fish treating, you can get some things that will be unique and attractive. There are some things that will make it more attractive, which is about the treatment for the fish. To answer the question of how long do betta fish live, we need to know that there are some things you need to know.

  1. Prepare the place for the fish to live. Making sure that the fish live comfortably in a good place is recommended. In this case, you can prepare a small place for them to make sure that they will get the best.
  2. They are very aggressive, especially when it is related to the territory. The territorial issue will make them angry and when there is a new fish in their tank, they can be raged out. So, you better choose the two small tanks if you want to get more than one.
  3. The food needs to be considered. In this case, we recommend you to give them the healthy food which is suitable for their condition. The place and sunlight are also essential for the fish. So, you can get them simply.

Don’t hesitate to give the best for the fish. In this case, you can consider the tank, the amount of sunlight and also the foods for them. Therefore, you can get the best for your need of beautiful fish. So, you can get the answer to how long do betta fish live.

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Installing Epson GT-1500 Driver


There are many people who prefer to use Epson GT-2500 printer since the printer just works wonderfully. But they need Epson GT-1500 driver to use the printer. With the driver, your PC and printer can work synchronously and you can use the printer to print your file like your paper or photo in high quality. Since there are still many people who don’t know how to install the driver, let’s take a look at our instruction below.

How to Install Epson GT-1500 driver

Installing printer driver is actually quite easy. You can install it with or without the CD driver. When you purchase the printer, the manufacturer will give you the CD so you can install the driver by yourself. But what can you do when you don’t get the CD or the CD is just missing? Don’t worry, you can install the latest version of Epson GT-1500 driver without CD. How to do that?

First, you should download the latest printer driver that you use which is Epson GT-1500. To download that, you can find the website or link that provide the driver and you can download that freely. After the download process is finished, you need to run them. It means that you need to run the driver. Open the driver first and there will be the installation wizard popped-out on the screen.

The instructions are already there and you just follow them until the installation process has finished. The next thing that you need to do is connect the printer and the PC if there is the instruction. If not, you can skip this step.

Wait until the process is done. This takes several minutes. You need to wait until there is a connection between your PC and your printer. After that, you can add the Epson GT-1500 driver by click the plus icon on the menu. The installation process is done. You can use your printer now.

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