Deliver Your Feeling through WhatsApp Status


WhatsApp becomes one of the popular messenger. Nowadays, you can also find so many features on it. It is not only for calling or texting someone, but WhatsApp also can be a place to express your feeling and mind. Moreover, there are also a lot of people who like to update love status for WhatsApp. If it is a new kind for you, so you do not need to worry. You can deliver your love to your loved one through your status.

New Features on WhatsApp for Love Status

As mentioned before, WhatsApp got a new update for new feature. One of them is text base status which allows you to update status in words but not limited and being more attractive. If you want to get love status for WhatsApp and it is the first time for you, so don’t worry. You can follow this advice.

If you want to share your love feeling, so you can try to update your status. Choose the text based one and find the tremendous background. Make sure that you choose the background which will not cover the text. It can be pattern or colour background. Then, you can write on it with the sweetest words. After that, you can choose the type of font. Choose the readable one to make it more comfortable to read.

After that, you can also try to change the font colour which will not distract the background. What make it is more wonderful is, you can arrange the position of words. That is why you can write words by words or phrase to phrase. If you still have no idea about what you want to write on your status, so you can try to visit to You can get any kind of love romantic phrase which are good for updating on your WhatsApp status.