Eating Raw Food To Stay In Great Shape


Many people believe that eating raw food is better and healthier for the body. Even some popular celebrities such Megan Fox and Gwyneth Paltrow are doing this lifestyle. Obviously, it works well for them because they look slim and healthy. The raw diet practitioners believe that it is not a diet program but more like a healthy lifestyle. Eating raw food is a method of eating whole natural food.

Kinds Of Raw Food Diet

The definition of raw means the food that you consume should be unprocessed. Food which is preserved, canned, undergone long processed and heated more than 48 degrees Celsius is not considered as raw. Eating food that has been processed with that level of heat will only leave us no nutrition. It’s because the heat destroys the important substance in the food. There are some terms commonly known in a raw diet.

  1. Raw Vegetarian

They are people who eat mostly vegetable and don’t eat meat. However, this group of people still consumes dairy products such as egg, milk, cheese, and yogurt.


  1. Raw Vegan

This group does not eat any animal product by any means. They only eat vegetables and fruits. Their protein and fat supply come from a plant such as a soya and avocado.


  1. Raw Omnivores

This is a group of people who consume both vegetables and animal products. They do eat meat, especially which can be eaten raw such as fish.


  1. Raw Carnivore

Those who are raw carnivore mean they are eating meat but unprocessed. This is quite rare in society.

Pros And Cons About Eating Raw Food

Regarding this unique lifestyle, some people argue whether it is good for the body. In fact, there is some food that needs to be cooked for while in order to provide maximum nutrition. The thing that needs to be highlighted is that you can cook your food but don’t overheat it.