Facts And Benefit Of Oatmeal For Healthy Body


Oatmeal is a kind of porridge that is made of oats. A bowl of oatmeal for breakfast can keep you full for quite long time compare to eating other high carb food. It contains lots of important nutrition which is good for the body. Besides fiber, it contains vitamin B complex, protein, and minerals. If you are still eating full breakfast menu, you need to change it with oatmeal.

The Advantages Of Eating Oats For Breakfast

There are several benefits that you will get from consuming oatmeal for daily basis. The first benefit is that it can maintain weight. Oatmeal contains high fiber which is easily processed yet last long. Therefore, eating oatmeal can make you stay full. You won’t need to eat a snack too much because it avoids you from hunger.

Secondly, oatmeal can reduce cholesterol. A bowl of oatmeal serves you enough nutrition to prevent absorption of bad cholesterol in the intestine. Consuming about one and a half cup of oatmeal every day can reduce the level of LDL or bad cholesterol. Consequently, you have less possibility of suffering from any heart disease.

Last but not least, consuming oatmeal regularly can serve you as a natural remedy for digestion problem. It can heal digestion issues such as irritable bowel syndrome and constipation. It will prevent you from intestinal cancer. It proves that oatmeal can make you stay healthy and prevent you from many diseases.

Why Do People Not Like Eating Oatmeal?

Despite its rich benefit, many people dislike oatmeal. Although it can make body healthy and help to stabilize organs, people tend to avoid it for breakfast menu. It is because oatmeal has a plain and distinct smell. However, you can make oatmeal taste better by adding slices of fruits. Apple, berries, and banana are popular as an oatmeal topping. It can also add more fiber to your body.