Healthy Alternative To Fulfill Your Craving For Salt


Sodium or salt is one of seasoning that must be available in the kitchen. It works really well to add flavor to your cooking. Unconsciously, people, these days consume more and more salt. When you are on diet, you will be craving for something salty. However, certain diet requires you to suppress the consumption of sodium. So, is it possible to change salt with something that contains natural or less sodium?

Hidden Salt That You Don’t Know

Why is it so important to reduce the consumption of sodium? It’s because most of the food that people consume daily has already contained salt. Bread, nut butter and cereal in your breakfast menu secretly contain sodium. Canned food is also loaded with sodium. The sodium functions to make the food last longer. Therefore, if possible, you should avoid eating those products regularly. Otherwise, you may suffer from hypertension and cholesterol.

Salt Alternative To Give Savory Flavor

You can replace the salt with another seasoning. You must remember that you should only add them the inadequate amount.

  1. Chili

The spicy flavor of chili can replace the salty taste of sodium. Eating spicy food can avoid you from craving of savory food.


  1. Margarine

If you do not really like spicy food you may use margarine to add a salty flavor to your cooking. You can use this plant-based oil to sauté vegetable. It will make your cooking light savory taste.

  1. Fish Sauce

This kind of sauce is already fermented with sodium. You just need few drops of fish sauce into your dish to add flavor. Otherwise, you can add small dried shrimp to make your dish taste better without salt.


  1. Oyster Sauce

Lastly, you can add a bit of oyster sauce to add a salty taste. Similar to fish sauce, the process of making oyster sauce also uses sodium to strengthen the taste.