Hidden Secrets Of Cucumber You Must Know


Anyone must have known cucumber. This kind of fruit can be found easily and usually served as a compliment to a dish, o included in the salad. This fruit can be also used as a facial treatment to moisturize the skin face. However, there are only a few people to know the magic of this cucumber. Cucumber has a kind of secret power for improving human health.

Keeps The Body Hydrated

95 percent of cucumber is water. And this water contains nutrition more than a glass of common water. Cucumber can help to keep our body hydrated and also the cucumber certainly can help our body to neutralize the toxic inside.

Control Blood Pressure

Cucumber contains very important minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and fiber. All those substances are effective to control our blood pressure so that it keeps at the normal level. The fact that cucumber can help to control blood pressure in the normal level is good news for people with high blood pressure disease.

Skin Freshening

As the cucumber contains a lot of potassium, it is very good to treat dry skin. In addition, cucumber can also help to remove eye bags. Just slice the cucumber and put it upon the eyes for about 8 to 10 minutes every day.

Relieve Sunburned Skin

Sliced or grated cucumber can help to relieve sunburned skin. Just spread it on the sunburned skin for about 10 to 15 minutes. It is a natural way to treat sunburned skin, so it is totally safe and effective.

Improve Digest System

A glass of cucumber juice every day keeps a doctor away since it can help you get rid of digestive problems such as gastritis. Besides, the fiber contained in a cucumber can also get rid of toxins from our digestive systems which once again leading to improved digest system.