How To Make Your Minecraft House Look Cool?


The exterior is the main attraction of your virtual house. You can make it into cool houses to build in Minecraft by improving certain parts. Unconventional design can increase the holistic look of the house. You can try by exploring and trying the new design on shape, height, and other detail.

Improving The Conventional Shape

Square and rectangle house is too common design. If you want to make some improvement you can add more space on another side of the house. Otherwise, you can also make letter-like shapes such as T-shaped, U-Shaped or L-shaped house. You can also make it more appealing by adding outcrops around the walls. Also, you adding trim on top of the wall can make the shape look different.

Building Higher House

Building only two blocks high make the house feels cramped. To spare more room or space at least arrange 4 or 5 blocks upward. If the single floor is too boring, you can make a two-story house or even higher ones. You can design the first and second floor differently and make it cool houses to build in Minecraft. Otherwise, you may want to dig the ground deeper to make secret basement or functional basement.

Enhancing The Look By Adding Detail

Another alternative for improving your house layout is by focusing on detail. For example, instead of using single window you can add multiple block windows or panels. In addition, you can combine the walls using wooden material and rock. It will give more attractive tone than monochrome style.

Not only exterior improvement, you can improve the interior as well. Floor, for instance, is often too boring by using the same single material as the wall. You can also make it more appealing by creating a certain pattern using two different materials. To give such a classic look of cool houses to build in Minecraft you can add fireplace, chimney or long curved stairs.