How To Prevent Diabetes


Diabetes becomes the frightening disease that there are many people have this disease. Diabetes is abbreviation from Diabetes Mellitus is a condition where blood has the high level of sugar. This condition triggers several conditions such as thirsty and hunger. These conditions make people consume food overly and commonly people will fat. Then, diabetes also triggers several complications that are called ketoacidosis and osmolarity. The treatment to cure this disease is used insulin. Insulin will inject to the blood and it will stabilize the sugar level in the blood. In other hands, early prevent diabetes is the best ways that we must cure it. So, I will explain how to prevent this disease.

Pay Attention To Your Food

Firstly, reduce your food consumption is the way to protect you from obesity. Fat people have higher chance to take diabetes than normal people. It happens because the blood circulation is more slowly and commonly they lazy to move. It will trigger diabetes that sugar level will increase quickly. The second is chosen your nutrition for your body. The choice of food is very important to make your body balance. Carbohydrate is main nutrition for our body. You should choose carbohydrate from whole grain. Carbohydrate from whole grain is more difficult to digest. It means that this carbohydrate is not easier to be glucose.


Sport is the best way to keep your body still healthy. it can prevent you from every disease. The sport will accelerate your blood, make sweet and prevent obesity. Actually, the sufferer of diabetes is lazy to move that it is easier to accumulate fat.

Sleep Well

Lack of sleep increase of cortisol in our body. This hormone caused unbalance of sugar in our blood. Moreover, lack of sleep is also caused increasing appetite. It will make people more consumption of food then caused obesity.