How To Store Black Leather Jackets


If you have black leather jackets, it is important to know how to store them. If you have a good leather jacket (it should be good, actually), it means that you already spend a lot of your money to buy that. The leather jacket is quite pricey because the material is good. You can wear your leather jacket until you are old. But only if you store them properly. The leather material will decrease its quality if you don’t store it well.

Tips To Store Black Leather Jackets

If you love your black leather jackets, make sure to follow these tips below on how to storing them. Check them out!

  1. Avoid your leather jacket from heat and sunlight. If you store your leather in a place that gets direct sunlight, the black color of your jacket will be faded. If this happens too often, it will cause discoloration. As for the heat, it can cause cracking and excessive dryness to your leather jacket. You need to store them in a closet with cool air. Don’t store them near heat sources.
  2. Use a padded hanger to hang them. Choose a padded, wide hanger to minimize the stretch and wrinkles, this type of hanger is the best one for your leather jacket. It is forbidden to use clothes pegs. This item will stretch the leather even in the small area.
  3. Stay away from your jacket from pesticides. Fun fact is that this material can absorb insecticides. If this happens, it would be difficult to remove the smell from your leather jacket. The toxin will be impossible to remove.
  4. Dry clean is a must before you store them in a closet. This method will remove any odors and pests. This will protect your leather jacket from pests but make sure that your storage is clean too.

Storing your black leather jackets is easy, right? We hope you follow our tips properly to protect your precious items.