Keep the Health of Our Precious Sensory


The eye is one of the most valuable human senses in the body. With healthy eyes, we can enjoy the beautiful scenery around us, see our family or relatives, also can learn and work. As the senses that so important to our lives, we should keep our eyes healthy. Sometimes we forget to take care of our eyes. There are some tips that we can apply to our eyes.

Things to Remember for Our Healthy Eyes

For you who wear contact lenses, please note that the use of contact lenses should not be too long time. Use of contact lenses as much as possible less than 19 hours. Besides contact lenses, better if glasses are also not always used. Let your eyes be free and comfortable for a while. Use of excessive contact lenses may permanently damage the eyes. Choose a contact lens that is reliable and should be sterile.

Reduce Radiance from Multimedia Display

Another tip to protect our eyes is avoiding computer radiance. Do not work too long or play in front of a computer or laptop. The proportion of activities using a computer should be limited, do not stay up too late to work using a laptop. Let our eyes rest for a while about 30 minutes, look at the distant landscape. Looking far away can neutralize our eye projection position from close view which is rigidly fixed in the direction screen.

Starting from now do not too often look directly at the computer screen, laptop and even the television. It will make our eyes tired. UV light that emanated from the TV screen should also be avoided. Another important thing when watching TV is, not too close if we are watching the television, it will damage and reduce the quality of our eyes. UV light will easily radiate in our eyes if we watch TV too close.