Key To Control Fever In Children


Fever is the common symptoms experienced. However, it will be more stressful when your children got a fever. They will not feel comfortable that make them lose appetite and cannot sleep well. In some condition, fever is kind of minor illness which can be cured with or without medication. Although the fever comes at midnight, you do not to be worried to get the medicine. There is a way to reduce high fever even without any medicine. Here is more information how to treat your children with fever with and without medicine.

How To Control Fever Without Medication?

Actually, you can try to reduce the increase in your children’s temperature in some ways. For the first, you can give them extra fluids. The first effect of fever is dehydration which triggers fever to be increased. You can make sure that your children get extra fluid to keep them hydrated. Second, it is highly possible to give ice or froze liquids to your children when they are on fever. You can give them iced drinks or ice pops to keep them hydrated and help to stabilize the temperature. Third, don’t put a thick blanket on your child since it will keep their temperature increasing up. Just let them wear light clothes with think blanket if they feel chill. For the last, you can put a cool compress on their forehead to help your children’s temperature goes down easily. Giving cooling pack is also not a bad idea.

How To Control Fever With Medication?

You can also directly give the medicine to your children when they got a fever. However, it is kind of difficult since you have to give them the right formula. Typically, ibuprofen and acetaminophen are the common ones in controlling the fever. Make sure that you follow the dosing instruction for each medicine.