List Of Food That Worsens Sensitive Teeth


If you are one of the people who have sensitive teeth problem, you may understand very well how it feels. It feels like you get stung from the food coming inside your mouth. The worst part is that you have to avoid delicious and tempting food that you favor the most. For some cases, it is really troublesome. If you have this kind of issue it is better for you to avoid consuming the following food.

The Temptation Of Sweet And Sour

Strong flavor such as super sweet food can trigger the nerve system in the gums. In addition, the extreme temperature of food or beverage can also make your teeth even more painful.

  • Candies

For people with highly sensitive teeth, it is important to avoid lollipop, mint candies, chewing gum. It is because the sugar it can stimulate the nervous system and give such a painful feeling on your teeth.

  • Sweet Cakes

The same case happens when you are consuming sweet cakes. People with sensitive teeth may not have an enamel layer. Meanwhile, it functions to protect the teeth from a strong substance such as sweet and sour.

  • Soda

Do you know that soda has a sweet and sour flavor all at once? Both flavors are the main factors of making teeth super sensitive. Therefore, you need to avoid this drink.

  • Sour Fruits

Sour fruits such as lime, orange, tomato, and pineapple can stimulate teeth nerve and make it even more painful. Even they have been processed into other products such as sauce or ice cream it will still make sensitive teeth react.

  • Hot and Cold Drinks

Drinking cold beverages or chew ice cube in this summer season is so tempting. However, the hard texture and cold temperature can make the condition of your sensitive even worse. Also, many people may not notice that hot drink, especially with a lot of sugar, can also trigger the pain in the teeth.