How to Fix Printer Driver Issues on Windows

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Sometimes your printer doesn’t work. Maybe the printer driver is already outdated or corrupted. So, if you want to solve this problem, you have to download printer driver for Windows. Because in most cases, when a printer doesn’t work properly or doesn’t work at all, the reason behind this problem is the driver. So, you need to download the latest version of your printer driver.

Updating your driver regularly is necessary. You need to see on the internet whether there is the newest version of your model. If there is, you need to download printer driver for your operating system and install it. If there isn’t, you can download the newest version that matches with your operating system version. For example, you use Windows 10, it means that you can download printer driver for Windows 10 to solve this problem.

How to Download Printer Driver for Windows Easily

You can download it and after that, you need to double-click on the file so you can install the newest printer driver right away. You have to install the printer driver manually for some printers. If your printer is the one that uses the manual method, you can follow these steps below.

First, as usual, go to Control Panel. There is printer icon which called Printer and Device Manager, click it. It will open a new window and you have to locate the printer that you have to upgrade. Usually, the outdated or corrupted driver will have yellow point or mark.

Right-click on the printer and choose Update Printer Driver. Your PC will search the newest printer driver automatically. So, you just have to follow the installation process and wait for several minutes. Once the installation process has finished, the last thing that you need to do is testing the printer if it is work or not. This is the way to download printer driver for Windows and fix the issue.

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Boosting Your Laptop’s Performance

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Using a laptop especially as your gaming platform usually there will be some obstacles to slow down the performance. You have to know which the best gaming laptop under 1500 you will choose. Actually, the specification of the laptop has an important role for your coziness playing a game. But, in some cases, if you play the game over time, certainly will slowly damage your laptop.

Pay attention to how to treat your laptop. It is a way better if you do some treatments to keep your laptop safe. But, in some cases, if your laptop has been through the hard times by your non-stop playing game habit, it is better for you to follow some tips below to increase your laptop’s performances like a brand new again.

Become as Strong as It Was

These are the tips to recover your best gaming laptop under 1500 to be strong again;

  1. Get a New Graphic Card

Generally, there are 3 most used GPU, Intel Graphic, Nvidia GeForce, and AMD Radeon. You can check on your driver and get a new version of your graphic. The easiest way to get the new driver is by visiting its official website and download it. Boosting your graphic can be the key to increase your laptop’s gaming performance.

  1. Software Optimization

Even you don’t open any program on your laptop, there are some running programs in the background. Without your permission, usually, there will be several programs automatically running in the background process. To boost your laptop’s performance, disable the rarely used program to get more space of RAM and processor. If it is not urgent, don’t end the anti-virus of yours, because the safety of your software is important.

  1. High-performance Power Plan

You can set your laptop to become a high-performance to get a better quality when you are gaming. Choose the battery option on your best gaming laptop under 1500, and find the option high-performance, and click it. And Taa-Daa! Your laptop becomes stronger.

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The Rules for the Part-Time Worker

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Malaysia is one of the countries that have a good education quality. That’s why there is some country in Europe that agree to have cooperation with Malaysia. Many students come to Malaysia to get an education, and they also have questions about getting the part time jobs Malaysia. What is the requirements and rules that must be obeyed by the students from abroad? They have to survive while they are living far away from home.

Malaysia has a strict rule that associated with the part-time job. The foreign students in Malaysia are allowed to have a part-time job in some conditions that are set by the national law in Malaysia. The requirements for students who want to work a part-time job in Malaysia are they have to work during semester break period, on a holiday, and a 7 days long holiday.

The Jobs for the Students in Malaysia

For the student who wants to have part time jobs Malaysia, they cannot work in every place they want. The student can work in a restaurant, in a gas patrol, in the library, mini market, and also work in his college as long as it is allowed by the chief.

They need to fulfill the requirements if they want to do the job without any problem. They have to collect and submit some documents and also pay the registration fee. The part-time job fee is not really big, so if you think that get a part-time job will help you to pay the tuition, so it will not work. Because the fee per weeks is just about 150-200 RM and it will not enough.

You can get a part time jobs Malaysia by searching in many websites that provide many job vacancies in Malaysia. You can get the detail about the job that you want to register, and you also can get the information about the fee.

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First Aid Help For Scars


Have you ever experienced being panic because of any scars? Of course, it is a normal thing when we might do not know what to do when we or people around us, suddenly get any scars. When people get scars, whether it is bleeding or burnt or something else, we have to know the best thing to do as the first aid help that we have to do. Here is the list of some treatment for any scars.

Tips To Take Care Of Scars

As already stated before, different scars will have different treatment. Then, it will be something important for you to pay attention to every step that you have to take in order to give first aid of your scars.

  1. Bleeding

When you get bleeding, the first thing to do is to clean the scars with water. It would be good to wash it under the flowing water. Then, after you make sure that the scar is clean, you can put the medicine like iodine to the scars. Then, you can cover the scars with any medical thing that you have.

  1. Burnt

When you get burnt, the only thing that you can do is to apply any special ointment on it. Yet, not all of you might have ointment for burnt, so you can replace it with toothpaste that you use. That sounds funny but you have to trust that tips and try to follow.

Except for those two types of scars, you might also get the problem with any other type of scars. To make you easier in giving the first aid help, it would be good if you prepare some basic medicine or ointment in your first aid box. Yes, you have to prepare any first aid box in your house to avoid some bad things that might happen. So, be ready with complete first aid box.

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Calories We Get From One Banana


Banana is one of famous fruit in this world. One thing making it famous is because of the good taste. People eat this food a lot since it also contains good calories for the body. One belief, when we eat a banana it can help us feel full longer. That is why people questions actually how many calories in one banana?

Why Do We Need To Eat Banana?

There are various things we may know before we eat a banana. It is about how beneficial is this food for our body since fresh fruits and vegetables are a requirement for a healthy body.

In an average size of a banana, it contains around 105 calories. However, the bigger you eat the banana, the calories will be different too. 93 percent of banana calories come from carbs, 4 percent from protein, and 3 percent from fat. It is not absolute, the ripen banana contains more carbs rather than those that are still unripe. That is why, if you can eat an unripe banana, it will be better. It is also because unripe banana contains less sugar.

To explain what we discuss above calories in one banana mainly for the unripe one, actually, an unripe banana offers a good amount of resistant starch. This starch is good because it gives good bacteria to your body which escapes right after you eat it. This unripe banana actually also contains less sugar, fat, and carb.

So, if you want to eat banana but you think that you need fewer calories in it, eating some slices of small green or unripe banana will be good to you. But if you think that you need extra calories, you may eat the one which ripens. The ripen the banana you eat; the more calories it has. Meanwhile, the bigger banana you eat, it also gives more calories. so, there is no absolute answer on calories in one banana. It all depends on your need.

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Mobdro App. Is It Safe And Legal?


People will hesitate and ask some questions when they find a website which is good, gives many benefits, and easy to use. Some of the questions can be is it safe? Or is it legal? These questions we may also find when we talk about mobdroapp.

Mobdro App. Is it safe?

Mobdro app is 100% safe. As long as, the streamers download the application from the official site. This application is already being downloaded by thousands of people all around the world. those streamers who already downloaded the application and used it to stream videos or any Television channels confirmed that they never find any issues regarding the performance of this application.

Talking about mobdroapp performance, until now, there is no report sent by the streamers regarding any issue. It is enough to prove that mobdro app is a good app to use in your personal gadget.

Mobdro App. Is it legal?

There are many questions come asking about mob do app whether this application is legal or illegal. Since this application is unable to found in Playstore or app store. This application is legal since it is very popular all around the world. One thing we need to see is on the terms and conditions which should be read carefully. People underage may not use this application. If you are still below of the age required, you may ask the parent guidance in using this application. This application may be illegal if the content you may open is an illegal content. That is why reading the terms and condition is a necessity. If it still cannot be understood, should eliminate the viewer to not register on this site.

In another case, using a VPN to mask the IP address is also important. Make sure, the streamers already use the premium VPN. Using the free one is unsafe. So, please be careful.

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Get a Job for Fresh Graduate

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After you had graduated from school or university, some of you prefer to find a job to get a better life. There are many job vacancies you can apply based on your skills. If you would like to get job Malaysia, you just need to find out where you can get the job vacancies for the fresh graduate.

Find It on the Internet

You need to feel so glad because there are many companies which give the chance for the fresh graduate to work. You just need to sort out the companies which require fresh graduate for their job position.

Some of the companies are running in the industry of food, electric, garment, and more. Even though you are working in the industry, you still have a chance to get better life with better payment. Hence, you just need to find out where you can get the job Malaysia.

One of the best ways to find a job is using the internet. Thousands of companies are making websites to announce their job vacancies. You also can see that there are some websites which provide you the collection of job vacancies with ton options of companies.

Apply the Job Based on Your Skills

If you have found one of the trusted websites, next, you can find the job which you would like to apply. Need to note that you should apply the job based on your skill and fill the requirements as well. If you don’t have a point on the requirements job, you should not try it. Why? Many companies are not aware of the one who doesn’t have even only one point for the requirements.

Hence, read the requirement carefully. If you think that you are capable of all job requirements, you can apply for the job as well. Just apply the job Malaysia which you can fill all of the requirements in the best ways.

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Hidden Benefits Reading A Comic


Now, accessing Marvel or DC comics are very easy. We don’t have to go to a bookstore to find those comics, we can read Marvel DC comics free on the internet. Use a PC or laptop can be fun, but if you have no chance to use PC or bring a laptop, you can read comics from your gadget. There are so many websites serve a facility to read comics without buying it from bookstores.

Sometimes if our parents saw us reading Marvel or DC comics, they will get angry for a reason that we are not studying. Whereas, there are several benefits that we can take from reading comics, especially Marvel or DC comics. Therefore, for you who are a parent, don’t be easily get mad at your children if they read a comic because comics have several benefits.

Then, What Are The Benefits Of Reading Comics?

  1. Filling Spare Time

Obviously reading a Marvel or DC comic will fulfill our spare time. For example, when you are on a long trip using a train, you can read comics, so you would not be bored on your journey. To be simpler, read Marvel DC comics free from the internet.

  1. Increasing Imagination and Creativity

When our brain catches some interesting pictures with good stories, we can also imagine trough the character we read from a comic and without your awareness, it probably teaches you to draw using your imagination. It also helps you to explore by guessing another possibility for the next episode of the comic.

  1. Cheap Entertainment

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to refresh your brain. Let any other people get their mood by traveling to a beauty place or shopping in a mall. All you have to do are just stay in your bedroom with a coffee or snack next to you and read Marvel DC comics free on the internet. This is a very cheap entertainment.

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Healthy Tips In The Office

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For most of the busy people, time is money. They prefer to use the time to produce money as much as they can. They don’t care what happens with their body as long as they get money. Actually, there are so many healthy tips that they can do during work. Healthy tips at work are very beneficial for those who spend more than half of their time at work. Basically, they can’t work and produce money if they can’t keep their body healthy. Rather than losing time and money because of sick, it is better if we do it all together.  Producing money by working and also keeping our body to be healthy is easy as long as you follow some of this tip.

Keep Your Desk Clean

From Monday until Friday or maybe Saturday, we work on the same desk and chair. Keeping them clean from the dust and trash is the first thing that we can do by our self for keeping healthy. Dust can cause some unhealthy condition such as allergic, influenza, and itch. We also should make sure that our desk is cleaned every day and our trash is cleaned every morning. Don’t let your trash keep your trash so long time because it can cause bad smell or even it makes flies come to you.

Wash Your Hands

As we know that working in an office means that we share many things with the other staffs. We must share equipment’s with the other staffs because it is office tools. Using same tools and equipment may take us into a dangerous situation because bacteria can move to us through our hands. Some equipment’s such as door handle, copy machine, cutlery, toilets, and sharing stationary are full of bacteria. Moreover, if we use and share that equipment’s with those who are sick, it increases our possibility of getting sick. This is the reason why washing our hands is one of the healthy tips that we can do in office. We should wash our hands as often as possible after we use office equipment. However, we also can consider using hand sanitizer to keep our hand clean and free of bacteria.

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Skin Laser For Aging Treatment

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Technology not only develops in the industrial field but also in medicine. Among the advancement of beauty techniques, skin laser grows its popularity. This high technology technique can best deal with aging issue such as wrinkles. If your anti-aging cream cannot fix this issue anymore, maybe it is the time for you to get skin laser treatment.

How Skin Laser Treats Wrinkles

This method is highly effective and accurate to fix your aging skin problems. It uses the distinct method in which it uses steam or heat for treatment. The steam or heat allows the skin to tighten and also triggers the production of collagen. This substance is very beneficial for making skin taut and elastic.

Kinds Of Skin Laser Treatment

There are basically three skin laser treatments which also employ a different method. Each method gives a different result.

  • Non-ablative Rejuvenation

It is the lightest and gentlest treatment among other laser beauty techniques. It works really well on the early wrinkles. It is done in quite short time. Moreover, it does not need a certain time for recovering. However, it does not show the dramatic result.

  • Fractional Rejuvenation

The second procedure would likely show better outcome. It can rejuvenate the skin better than the previous method. However, it needs longer time for recovery. This fractional procedure gains higher demand and popularity in the society.

  • Ablative Resurfacing

Among other previous procedure, it gives the most significant result in diminishing wrinkles. The heat which is produced by the laser leaves scars on the face. Therefore, someone who chooses this procedure will need time for recovery for about two or three weeks. It works effectively for someone with serious wrinkles issue.

Insightgirl, a beauty blog will give you more comprehensive detail about other beauty treatment. In addition, you can find more information about skin care and makeup tips.

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