Rinjani – Asia’s Most Popular Trekking Destination

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If you are looking for challenging trekking experience, you can try to consider Rinjani trekking activity. Mount Rinjani lays on the beautiful land of Lombok Island within Mount Rinjani National Park border. It stands on the second highest elevation among Indonesian mountains which reach over 12,000 feet. While trekking on the mountain, you can enjoy gorgeous views such as natural waterfalls, beautiful hills, exotic crater to sunrise and sunset scenery. If you have extended the time for traveling on the island, you can enjoy its extensive nature entertainments. There are a lot more you can enjoy in this hidden paradise of Indonesia.

Other Spots To Enjoy Around Mount Rinjani

Have you done enjoying Rinjani trekking, other destinations are waiting for you to be explored. Around Mount, Rinjani is many eco-adventure destinations. Among them are waterfalls, caves, hot spring, beaches, and other cultural destination. Firstly, you can enjoy the pure water in Tiu Kelep waterfall and Sindang Gila waterfall. It is pretty easy to reach the destination. Secondly, you can visit some caves such as Goa Susu, Goa Payung, and Goa Manik. It is the best destination to find peace and silence and doing meditation. The next nature destination is Pangkereman Jembangan hot spring. You can enjoy the warm eat and steam to get your body relaxed after a long walk. Another nature spot is no other than the beach. Lombok has more beautiful than the popular beaches in Bali.

Another traveling alternative to do besides Rinjani trekking is enjoying the culture. You can visit villages around Lombok and get closer to know the culture by interacting with the indigenous. You can even have some souvenirs to bring back to your country. These complete experience are provided for you in Lombok Island.