Step By Step Sterilize Baby Bottle


Baby milk bottles are a very important component to stay in a sterile state. If you do not clean it in the right way, then this baby bottle can be one of the nests of bacteria and can be dangerous for the health of the baby. That’s why it needs to be cleaned by baby bottle sterilizer to make sure no more bacteria inside it.

Well, here are some ways to wash baby milk bottles that you should really note that baby bottles do not become a nest of bacteria.

Cleaner Liquid

You can use a laundry soap that is specialized to clean the baby equipment that is widely circulated in the market. Do not ever use soap or drip pick even to clean baby bottles baby bottles, because soap or dripping colon is one of the cleaning materials that contain substances that are very harmful to the health of the baby.

Use Flowing Water

After you clean the baby’s milk bottle using special water-wash soap, then rinse the bottle by using running water. Because the water that flows much better when compared with water in tamping. Make sure there is no residual soap that is attached to the baby’s milk bottle.


One of the easiest ways to sterilize baby bottles is by warming the milk bottle by warming it in the boiled water. Also, you can use baby bottle sterilizer. It is way simpler.

Dry It Up

Once you’ve cleaned the above, then dry the baby’s milk bottle by silencing it and dry it in a natural way, and that’s one of the best ways. However, if you need the bottle in the near future, you should make sure that the tissue or even the cloth you use to wipe in a sterile state and not harmful to the baby.

So that’s how to clean up the baby bottle entirely, using the baby bottle sterilizer.