Stop Nighttime Cough By Doing These Things


A nighttime cough is the worst one. You cannot even sleep comfortably when your throat is getting pain and itchy. In some condition, nighttime cough is a phase after coughing or high fever. A cough will only appear at night which will distract your sleeping time. Moreover, it will make your immunity getting lower. It seems fine for first to the second day. However, it is a disaster after more than three days. So, you need some treatments to relief it.

Step By Step To Relief Your Nighttime Cough

Coughing when you are sleeping is not a good one. It will break your sleep. In that situation, you have to be more concern about it. Although you already take your medicine, it will not let a possibility of coughing at nighttime. If you have kind of sensitive throat, so you have to try to do some ways to relief your nighttime cough. Here are things that can be done for relieving nighttime cough:

  • Take an herbal drink before going bed. You can mix herbal tea with honey which will help to break mucus in your throat
  • Use steam cautiously to let your room hydrated. In fact, the dry airways will make your cough is getting worst. You can try to take a bath before bed by sitting in a steamy bathroom
  • Sleep on an additional pillow. When you are sleeping, the gravity becomes the biggest enemy since all mucus and postnasal drainage will irritate your throat. To avoid this condition, you may add some pillows while you are sleeping
  • You can try to prepare some things for your bedside. When you get a cough at nighttime, it must be the worst one. In that situation, you need to place a glass of water and cough medicine to help you get better while you are waking at night.