The New Generation of Chevrolet In 2018


After Chevrolet has been the most famous branded car in 70’s. Chevelle will be launched a new design sports car in this year. 2018 Chevrolet Chevelle SS will become the great surprise for the Chevrolet fans in 70’s. This car is supersport with a double engine which will be faster than their ancestor. The masculine performance car with the elegant aerodynamic body will attract you to have one of them. For the Chevrolet fans, it will be the big mystery. So, let check the concept of this car:

  1. Exterior

The exterior of 2018 Chevrolet Chevelle SS is very elegant. The exterior concept is almost same with their preceding in 70’s but this car has more luxury concept. The Bumper is designed as the aerodynamic system that curved in the middle that is used to flow the air. The long hood that contains two powerful machines that match to the bumper. Below of the hood, the light is equipped with daylight LED as the new generation of Light technology and fog light to cover in the fog wheatears. The design of the light is very elegant and futuristic design that represented the masculine car. This car is look rounded in the cabin and slim in the hood.

  1. Interior

Moreover, this car is equipped with luxury equipment. The concept of the interior is futuristic and innovative design. The cabin is very large in which contains 3 seats. The seats are the best quality of leather with matching the color. Chevrolet also provides entertainment devices such as MP3 player, USB and Bluetooth connectivity, audio and sound system and auxiliary outputs. This device will entertain you in the ways. 2018 Chevrolet Chevelle SS has high navigation technology to help you to find the way and Cruise control to control the speeds of your vehicle. In the Middle of the dashboard, there is touch screen information that helps you to inform about temperature, phone control, climate, and fuel.