The Rules for the Part-Time Worker

Living Good

Malaysia is one of the countries that have a good education quality. That’s why there is some country in Europe that agree to have cooperation with Malaysia. Many students come to Malaysia to get an education, and they also have questions about getting the part time jobs Malaysia. What is the requirements and rules that must be obeyed by the students from abroad? They have to survive while they are living far away from home.

Malaysia has a strict rule that associated with the part-time job. The foreign students in Malaysia are allowed to have a part-time job in some conditions that are set by the national law in Malaysia. The requirements for students who want to work a part-time job in Malaysia are they have to work during semester break period, on a holiday, and a 7 days long holiday.

The Jobs for the Students in Malaysia

For the student who wants to have part time jobs Malaysia, they cannot work in every place they want. The student can work in a restaurant, in a gas patrol, in the library, mini market, and also work in his college as long as it is allowed by the chief.

They need to fulfill the requirements if they want to do the job without any problem. They have to collect and submit some documents and also pay the registration fee. The part-time job fee is not really big, so if you think that get a part-time job will help you to pay the tuition, so it will not work. Because the fee per weeks is just about 150-200 RM and it will not enough.

You can get a part time jobs Malaysia by searching in many websites that provide many job vacancies in Malaysia. You can get the detail about the job that you want to register, and you also can get the information about the fee.