Things You Cannot Do With Visa Credit Card


Do you have free Visa credit card? Did you get it from a Visa Card Generator? If you do have it, you may need to know the limitation of possessing the card number. Although you may have sufficient information as if the card is real, you cannot use it for certain activities.

Not Allowed For Shopping

First, you are not allowed to use the Visa card for shopping. You cannot purchase any item either in the offline store or the online one. It is because the balance limit is actually fake information. It only helps you to pass any basic security procedure. If you attempt to pay any item, the store will reject your Visa card.

Prohibited To Violate Other’s Right

Furthermore, with the information in your Visa card, you should not use it to violate others’ right. You cannot deceive other people with the card number. You should follow the rule to only use it for testing and verification instead. Any bad intention and action of using Visa Card Generator will be at your own risk.

Limited For Basic Security Only

As stated before, your Visa card will only valid to pass any basic security requirement. For instance, it works when you have to provide credit card number for registering on online gambling sites. In order to protect yourself from personal information exploitation, you can use the generated Visa card number.

Although most of the card number is limited, there is some virtual credit card that you can use for buying something. However, this kind of Visa card may not be free. You will probably be charged for a certain amount in order to get more facilities.

In conclusion, Visa Card Generator only helps you to provide data in order to make you easy on doing online registration or validation. You should not use it for any illegal activity.