Tips On Caring Your Teacup Pomeranian

Living Good

Are you looking for micro teacup Pomeranian? Are you interested to keep them as a pet? Before deciding to take care of these mini dogs, you need to know tips on how to treat them. First thing first, this kind of breed is so special in term of behavior and physical trait. They are categorized as an active and smart dog. Moreover, their mini shape is very vulnerable.

Supervising Your Tiny Pomeranian

Regarding that issue, you have to spare more time to supervise your tiny Pomeranian. As the body is incredibly small, let them play with young children will only put them in danger situation. If you are raising children under five, you need to keep an eye on their physical contact. It is either your children or the dog that will get hurt. Therefore, it will be great to put a dog fence if you are away.

Another case may also happen if you bring your micro teacup Pomeranian to open park. Because they are smart and obedient you may want to train them or regularly take them out. However, their cute body will definitely attract a group of people. They just want to pat your dog yet it can cause stress and the dog can bite or bark. It won’t be nice.

Caring More Regarding Health Issue

Keep your eye on your teacup dog is not enough. They have a sensitive physical condition that you need to mind their diet. Feeding them with random dog food may not be suitable for mini Pomeranian. Your Pom should always be in good health by considering their nutrition.

You need to bring the micro Pomeranian to vet. A regular schedule can help them boost their fitness. By doing so, you can expect them to live as long as you expect. This information may not enough for you. Feel free to visit and get A-Z about teacup Pomeranian.