What is Difference Between Mobdro Freemium and Premium?


If you like to stream various TV programs or movies, so you have to try this awesome app called mobdro. It is one of the streaming tools that lets you access various videos that you want to watch. Moreover, you will get unlimited access to various devices. You do not need to pay monthly or pay for each video that you watch for the Freemium version. Meanwhile, there is an additional charge in Premium videos for additional features. However, both of version still lets you access all videos freely without any additional charge.

Features on Mobdro

For the accessibility, there is no difference for both versions of Mobdro. You can still watch various videos from various channel freely. However, there are different features on each feature. What are they? Here are brief difference features on Mobdro:

  • Freemium Version

For the freemium version, the login system is not needed. You can just find, stream, and even download the favorite videos from Mobdro. Moreover, you the maintenance of user privacy is highly invisible. In that way, you do not need to worry your information will be leaked. Then, you can also just run the application easily. The categorization box is shown on the first age while the search box on the top side. Then, you are also allowed to filter the videos, movies, and channels to watch.

  • Premium Version

As its name, the Mobdro Premium version has more features on it. You can enjoy every video without any advertisements shown. Moreover, you can also access your favorite videos which have been downloaded before without any internet connection. If you installed it on Smart TV, this version has sleep timer which will not waste your device’s battery. Then, you can get unlimited access to this version and you can also even access it for Chromecast.