Why You Must Have Sortie En Mer


Are you looking for the most entertained game? You need to find Sortie En Mer download link. Do you know what is it? Sortie En Mer is kind of simulator game. However, it is not too recommended for you who scared of drowning in the sea. On the other side, this game has a tremendous plot which will let the player take more experience on it. Although you will not get too much mission on it, this game is still the best one.

Why You Have To Download Sortie En Mer

At first, this game sounds boring, but you will find some amusing things on it. Here are some reasons why you need Sortie En Mer download on your device:

  • An FMV Game with High-Quality Graphic

Like its name, Sortie En Mer is an FMV game. There will be no graphic-made character on it since all of scenes and characters are recorded from real video file. That is why this game will be the most tremendous and real-like one.

  • Learn How to Survive in the Middle of Ocean

When we are talking about this game, “drowning” is one word to describe it. The basic concept of this game is to show the player how people will survive on the sea and what will they face when they are jumped into the sea without life-jackets. From there, you will learn how hard to stay alive in the middle of the ocean.

  • Nearly Hard to Win Over

The game starts with you as a player on the yacht with other characters. However, the yacht is attacked and all of you will be floated on the sea. In the end, none of you will survive. It must be a thrilling one, that is why you need to find Sortie En Mer download link soon on your PC.